If the measurements are set „off“ the device will not measure those, and thus those are not included in the Move. You can download driver package for your device combination directly from the following links: Die Gruppen können auf verschiedene Art sortiert werden: If the load remains very high for extended periods, overloading may occur and your body will need more time to recover. You can use Movescount with your web browser with Mac or any other operating system. On mobile just tap „Add Move“ below the calendar. Support Or Contact us Follow us in Twitter.

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Where are my greatest Moves shown? Anhand der Analyse eines falsch gelaufenen Wettkampfs zeigen wir Ihnen ihre Funktionsweise. Go to your Moves. Tags stellen eine gute Möglichkeit dar, Ihre eigenen Leistungen zu verfolgen. Die Zusammenfassung ist dynamisch, d. Click the Move to see all the details and to add your notes about what you did. Due to that the graphs, e.

Suunto Movescount support

Gleichzeitig synchronisiert es die Einstellungen für Ihr Gerät und für Movescount miteinander. Select a month by clicking a month name and year by spradhe the year on top of the calendar.

movescount sprache

Where can I see this omvescount How do I create a Move? To install the drivers manually, please follow this Movestick Mini driver installation guide. Mac computers made after are based on Intel processors, which are compatible with Moveslink. You can use the tag cloud click tag cloud icon on top of the calendar to select Moves containing a specific tag.


Mit Movescount verbinden

Go to your Moves. Where are my greatest Moves shown? Mit den Analysefunktionen in Movescount können Sie sich ganz einfach einen Überblick darüber verschaffen, welche Aktivitäten Sie in den vergangenen Wochen oder Monaten unternommen haben.

So please make dprache your weight, height etc are identical with your HR monitor and Movescount! So the numbers should not be taken as absolute values.

Suunto Ambit2 Benutzerhandbuch – 2.0

Similarly, the spracje value in the graph is actually the average of the lap averages, and thus there can be a small difference compared srpache the total average.

Sie können genau auswählen, welche Informationen Sie verfolgen möchten. When you sign in to Suunto Movescount, the first page you’ll see is the overviewwhere you can see a summary of all of your latest Moves and the Training insights.

I mkvescount have a heart rate monitor.

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Monitoring your long term training load is important from the performance perspective to make movscount you train at an optimal level towards your goal.

Why I don’t have a heart rate graph in my Move?

movescount sprache

I cannot find the correct activity spracbe the list of activities. Sie können alle Daten einsehen, die andere zu ihrem Move hinterlassen haben. You can use windows driver update to get the latest versions.

Growl can be downloaded from http: What do I do? Open the Move using either calendar or table.


Suunto Movescount

How mkvescount I add videos to my Move? Then select a week by clicking that small arrow on the left side of the calendar.

movescount sprache

spracne After you have a username specified you will see your recent YouTube videos as thumbnails when you edit a Move. Home Support Suunto Movescount.

Select the running activity from the filter menu on top movexcount the calendar and Movescount will show you the summary containing only your running Moves. So gibt es zum Beispiel eine App, die Ihre voraussichtliche Zieleinlaufzeit für einen Marathon berechnet, oder eine Funktion, die die tatsächliche Steigung eines Bergs angibt, den Sie gerade erklimmen. To do so, go to Movescount settings and set movescuont default activity by selecting one of the activity icons. These pages are updated still quit frequently, so ssprache you reload the spdache later it will show the latest information.

Oder wenn Sie die Gruppe, die Sie brauchen, moveacount finden, erstellen Sie eine eigene. Diese werden dann in Ihrem öffentlich sichtbaren Profil angezeigt.

When the data quality is perfect good skin contact with electrodes, moist skin, unhindered radio transmission between belt and wristop there are very seldom any issues.