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About TomasEvent

Tomas Event & Design is an event agency filled with joyful people.

They take on a large variety of projects, from setting up small meetings to arrange a song festival for the Swedish celebrity Carola. With close to 20 years in the business, they know what their customers need and delivers.

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An old-school look with little to no navigation was not the right fit for their site anymore, so they contacted me and gave me a clean wireframe I could follow. The goal was to make their content feel more accessible and easier to navigate. The final version ended up looking like this.


I installed SSL and AdWords for the website, did some keywords research, created different campaigns and guided them through the fundamentals on how AdWords work.

When the new design was in its last phase, the final code got minified and merged together, and all the images on the site were compressed. This made the page-speed feel normal for the very first time.

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